CROSKILLS II – Build Up Skills CROatia: Strengthening energy efficiency SKILLS and certification schemes for building workers

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Project duration: 1.9.2014 - 31.8.2017.

Project code: IEE/13/BWI/722/SI2.680179

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Department(s) at the Faculty:
Department of Materials

Project manager at the Faculty: Ivana Banjad Pečur

Lead institution:
Sveučilište u Zagrebu Građevinski fakultet

Project manager: Ivana Banjad Pečur


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Graditeljska škola Čakovec
Hrvatska udruga proizvođača toplinsko fasadnih sustava
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Marina Bagarić
Ivana Carević
doc. dr. sc. Bojan Milovanović
prof. dr. sc. Nina Štirmer


Source of funding:
European Commission, CIP-Intelligent Energy Europe-2013


The main result of the CROSKILLS II project is the establishment of continuous training of construction workers in the field of energy efficiency for 6 priority occupations (facade, carpenter, bricklayer, house painter, roofer and drywall fitter), all in accordance with the Croatian Qualifications Framework. Within the CROSKILLS II project, it is planned to establish an accreditation scheme for Construction Workers, to establish a national certification scheme for construction workers that includes 6 occupations, to establish a national recognition scheme for future Croatian certified construction workers in other EU countries, and to develop a sustainable training plan for construction workers. The project plans to implement a pilot project, and the development and implementation of marketing plans and information and communication activities in order to popularize construction occupations, information on the offer of training programs for construction workers and the benefits of energy efficient / energy renovation.
The active work of the National Qualifications Platform is planned, whose members are all relevant stakeholders in the field of education, energy and construction, whose active contribution is  importance for the establishment of continuous training of construction workers in the energy efficiency.