The nZEB Roadshow

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Project duration: 1.6.2020. – 30.11.2022.

Project code: Grant agreement ID: 892378

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Project lead:

Department project lead:
Department of Materials

Department(s) at the Faculty:
Department of Materials
Independent Department of Buildings

Project manager at the Faculty:
doc. dr. sc. Bojan Milovanović

Lead institution:
Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect, Bulgaria


Sveučilište u Zagrebu Građevinski fakultet, Croatia
Elliniko Institouto Pathitikou Ktiriou, Greece
Zero energy and passivhaus institute for research SRL, Italy
Asociatia cluster pentru promovarea cladirilor cu consum de energie aproape egal cu zero pro nzeb, Romania
Bulgarian construction chamber, Bulgaria


dr. sc. Marina Bagarić
prof. dr. sc. Ivana Banjad Pečur
Mergim Gaši
Sanjin Gumbarević
Marinko Sladoljev
doc. dr. sc.Nikolina Vezilić Strmo
prof. dr. sc. Nina Štirmer


Source of funding:
European Commision, Horizon 2020


Based on EU environmental requirements, all new buildings from 2021 (public buildings from 2019) must be nearly-zero-energy buildings (nZEBs), which means a building with very high energy performance. The EU-funded nZEB Roadshow project will perform national-level marketing and communication promotions in five EU countries, organising nZEB weeks in selected cities in each of the participant countries. The action consists of a wide range of events including construction products, real estate exhibitions, practical demonstration and real-time construction, training for both designers and workers, career orientation and job centres focusing on the local SME construction sector. Prefabricated modular mobile buildings will be used as information centres to raise awareness of the benefits of nZEBs.