Learn to be Resilient (L2BR)

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Trajanje projekta: 15.1.2021.-15.6.2022.

Oznaka projekta: 101017950

Nositelji projekta

Zavod/i pri Fakultetu:
Zavod za tehničku mehaniku

Institucija nositelj:
Reseau des Associations Nationales de Pouvoirs Locaux de L'europe du Sud-Est (NALAS)


Ministry of the Interior (Montenegro)
Municipality of Tirana (Albania)
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje – Seismology Institute (North Macedonia)
Public Health Institute (Montenegro)


Josip Atalić
Marta Šavor Novak
Mario Uroš
Zvonko Sigmund
Domagoj Damjanović


Izvor financiranja:
ECHO (DG for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations)


South East Europe as the earthquake prone area is largely affected by this hazard. Recent earthquakes in Albania and Croatia together with many others in the past showed that significant efforts are still needed to enhance prevention, preparedness and response. Specially in the circumstances like pandemic crisis (i.e. COVID-19). Therefore, further capacity building in knowledge, skills and know-how transfer is substantial. Project L2BR with Overall objective to strengthen the role of the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network as an inclusive platform of shared knowledge and expertise, good practices and networking in order to establish common understanding and shared culture of prevention, preparedness and response in civil protection and disaster risk management in the EU and the wider Neighbourhood and Specific Objective to support civil protection and disaster risk management actors that promote and facilitate the development, dissemination and exchange of knowledge, good practices and expertise will engage relevant stakeholders (local, national, regional and international) combining scientific research and real time HQ exercise. Through set of case studies, feasibility studies, guidebooks and other activities project will foster inter-sectorial cooperation and provide useful toolbox for improvement of prevention, preparedness and response to earthquakes in circumstances of pandemic crisis. Furthermore, project will strengthen cooperation of all significant actors and enable future joint actions. Quality project consortium comprising of 1 National Civil Protection Authority, 2 Universities, 1 Public Health Institute, 1 Local Government, 5 Local Government Associations as LTPs under coordination of Network of Associations of Local Authorities in South East Europe assures achieving of outputs, outcomes and objectives providing sustainable and long-term positive impact.