Development of new technologies and services in the field of special construction works

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Project duration: 1.3.2021. – 1.9.2023.

Project code: K.K.

Project lead:

Department(s) at the Faculty:
Department of Materials

Project manager at the Faculty:
Assist. Prof. Ana Baričević

Lead institution:
Spegra ltd., Split

Project manager:
Assist. Prof. Ana Baričević


University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering


Assist. Prof. Marijana Serdar
Assist. Prof. Marija Jelčić Rukavina
Prof. Ivana Banjad Pečur
Ivana Carević, PhD
Zvjezdana Matuzić
Antonija Ocelić
Lana Zubović


Source of funding:
European Regional Development Fund

11,387,864 kuna

The general objective of the project proposal is to develop new technologies, services and derived products for the execution of specific civil works, focusing on the protection of cultural heritage, protection against natural disasters, protection of the coastal area and reconstruction of roads. The expected R&D results include the following products/services: (1) service for the rehabilitation of the built-up coastal area through the recycling of waste materials (ports, docks, piers, breakwaters and other coastal infrastructure); (2) repair mortar; (3) infrastructure rehabilitation service with new rehabilitation mortar material; (4) digitized knowledge database for renovations. The main problem that the project aims to solve is the lack of innovative technologies, methods, services and remediation products described in this project. This will reduce the use of new resources and waste, prevent demolition and reduce the risk of damaged and dangerous existing buildings, increase building safety requirements. enable the preservation of historical and cultural heritage and prevent uncontrolled urbanization of rural, green, coastal and protected areas.