BEACHEX – Sustainable Construction of Artificial Gravel Beaches-Construction of New Beaches and an Increase of Existing Capacity

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Project duration: 1.11.2019 - 30.4.2023.

Project code: PZS-2019-02-3081

Link to the external project page: nema unosa

Project lead:

Department(s) at the Faculty:
Department of Hydroscience and Engineering

Project manager at the Faculty:
nema unosa

Lead institution:
Sveučilište u Zagrebu Građevinski fakultet

Project manager:
Dalibor Carević


Suzana Ilic
Igor Ružić
Goran Lončar
Milvana Arko-Pijevac
Čedomir Benac
Petar Kružić
Nino Krvavica
Mirjana Kovačić
Kristina Pikelj
Filip Kalinić
Damjan Bujak
Duje Kalajžić
Tonko Bogovac
Andrea Tadić


Source of funding:
nema unosa

2,026,365 kuna

Croatia’s gravel beaches are under immense pressure from the rapidly growing tourist industry that requires an increase in existing beach capacity by beach nourishment while at the same time the beaches are under the influence of increased storm activity as a consequence of climate change. The Beachex project aims to explore the mechanisms of gravel beach erosion and recovery to provide technical support for long-term beach nourishment in order to achieve a sustainable increase in beach capacity while reducing the influence of climate change.