Prominent MED – Public pROcureMent of INnovation boosting greEn growTh in MED area

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Trajanje projekta: 1.11.2016. – 31.7.2020.

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Zavod/i pri Fakultetu:
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Voditelj projekta pri Fakultetu:
doc. dr. sc. Bojan Milovanović

Institucija nositelj:
Sviluppumbria - Società Regionale per lo sviluppo economico dell’Umbria, Italija


Consorci de la Ribera, Španjolska
CIMBAL – Comunidade Intermunicipal do Baixo Alentejo
IrRADIARE – Science for evolution®, Lda.
Comune di Narni; Universitat Politècnica de València
Regionalna energetska agencija Sjever
Grad Koprivnica
Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment



Izvor financiranja:
Programme 2014 - 2020 INTERREG VB Mediterranean


The main idea of the project proposal focuses on the use of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) procedures supported by the European Union (EU) in order to stimulate the development of innovative technology systems and solutions in the field of energy efficiency and their market uptake. When it comes to innovation, local authorities (LA) were mainly involved in development of the infrastructure required to enable and speed up establishment of various institutions directed to innovation, like incubators, RDI centers etc. with main aim to support innovative companies. LAs were rarely directly involved in targeted RDI activities as they were always perceived as buyers and users of mature products and solutions. The challenge that partners want to face is to study and implement (test) PPI procedures that can be transferred in similar contexts of the MED area. Project will enable the areas involved to procure and implement innovation and boost development of a wide range of innovative products and solutions customized and tailored to their needs. Learning areas will have the opportunity to introduce or catalyze PPI procedures into their public procurement policies enabling faster implementation of local strategies and plans aiming at sustainable development through green growth. At the same time partners and involved clusters will get an opportunity to establish close peer-to-peer cooperation on one side and creation of new networks on the other side.